Purple-Watercolor-Mermaid Violet_Mermaid Opal-Mermaid Abalone Mermaid Crimson_mermaid cosmic-mermaid-art Mermaid-Pearl Two-Watercolor_Mermaids mermaid-with-skull Ultramarine-Mermaid Ruby_Mermaid Watercolor-Blue-Mermaid Marble-Mermaid Russet_Mermaid Fuschia Mermaid Mermaid With Shell Luminous Mermaid Golden_Mermaid Aqua-Mermaid

A sample of new Mermaid illustrations by artist Stevyn Llewellyn. Rendered in smooth vector lines and hand painted watercolor, these luminous sirens are contemporary and alluring. All of these are now currently available for sale at his online shop here.

These were created from my love for the sea, mythology, history, and symbolism. These beautiful mermaids are reflective of my new work, attempting to achieve simplicity with line and color. The watercolor elements reference the subject, and add a playful element of spontaneity to the composition.

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