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stevyn llewellyn monochrome woman 1






Above are some new approaches to exemplify the female figure in lines and focused areas of color, primarily a single blue hue and utilizing the negative space to create the composition. I am planning on exploring this side of representational imagery and attempting to achieve balance in a more simplistic way. I am envisioning these pieces more refined and created with bright automotive paint on large metal canvases. For now, they will exist on paper.

These were created with a Wacom  pressure sensitive pen on an Asus ep 121 in Adobe illustrator CS 6.


Original Art for Sale for a Limited Time


I’ve been busy working on new art and my work is in a group exhibition in New York City at RH Gallery from now until February 22nd. I submitted 21 pieces of diminutive paintings, photographs and collages which are also exclusively for sale through the 22nd at the link below.

If you want to see the show, come by RH Gallery for the Single Fare 3 Exhibition 137 Duane St. NY, NY 10013

Art Exhibition for Single Fare 3 at RH Gallery




















Above is a preview of my art showing in RH Gallery for the Single Fare 3 Exhibition.
All of these diminutive works are made on old metro cards I had saved while living in NY for six years. Working at this size permitted me to play with various concepts and experiment with different media. The linear form of the human figure and nature’s beauty are the main influences on these particular pieces. Artistic influence comes from Nouveau, Fashion Illustration, Japonism, and the line work of Hokusai. The materials used were washi paper, vinyl cut stickers, wax, watercolor, oil, silver, spray paint, ultra fine point sharpie, mod podge, acrylic  sealer, drawings, and ink. The use of the photographic work is a colorful evocation of similar themes.

Wacom 24HD Pen and Touch

I had a great experience testing out the newly released Cintiq 24HD Pen and Touch device. I was invited to the headquarters in Vancouver and was really pleased with the tablet. I tested out Photoshop, Illustrator, and Sketchbook Pro, and now have serious tablet envy. This is truly a luxurious machine for professional digital artists and photographers. Have a look here.

Sister Vengeance Progress

Video Still from my film in progress, nearly finished. Click on the image above to visit  the film blog. Additionally, have a look at the official trailer here. I’ve been working on this 11 minute short film for over a year, making subtle changes and multiple edits, and am excited to be done.

I chose the year 2012 has been an impetus for me to complete a lot of my larger, more long-term projects, such as the graphic novel, Two Machines, which I spent several weeks earlier this year tidying up in Photoshop, re-editing some panels, as well as adding some fresh artwork to supplement the scope of the narrative. Both this film, and Two Machines are linked in the storyline, as parts of the graphic novel are loosely tied-in with the film. Publishing may come later down the road, but the work itself is complete. I’ve been working on some music projects and four new oil paintings, as well as designing  quite a few textiles and flyers for a few clients. It has been immensely satisfying to complete these projects, as I am ruminating about a few future projects. These will less digital, and more tangible.