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Seven Nereids Time Lapse Video

Time lapse of an acrylic version of the Seven Nereids painting in progress, December 2017

Illustration Video Portfolio

All art available at

Painting Time Lapse

A brief time lapse of a work in progress. This painting was inspired by travelling on highway 101 and viewing the oregon coast from above. Much of my new work is inspired by water, and different approaches to depict this strong natural force.

Painting Time Lapse

Time lapse sequences of Artist Stevyn Llewellyn making paintings. Many are available at

Making Art

A short film of time lapse sequences demonstrating my art making process. watch the video above.

Sister Vengeance Progress

Video Still from my film in progress, nearly finished. Click on the image above to visit  the film blog. Additionally, have a look at the official trailer here. I’ve been working on this 11 minute short film for over a year, making subtle changes and multiple edits, and am excited to be done.

I chose the year 2012 has been an impetus for me to complete a lot of my larger, more long-term projects, such as the graphic novel, Two Machines, which I spent several weeks earlier this year tidying up in Photoshop, re-editing some panels, as well as adding some fresh artwork to supplement the scope of the narrative. Both this film, and Two Machines are linked in the storyline, as parts of the graphic novel are loosely tied-in with the film. Publishing may come later down the road, but the work itself is complete. I’ve been working on some music projects and four new oil paintings, as well as designing  quite a few textiles and flyers for a few clients. It has been immensely satisfying to complete these projects, as I am ruminating about a few future projects. These will less digital, and more tangible.

Sister Vengeance • Official Trailer

A trailer for my forthcoming short film, Sister Vengeance.
Synopsis: This upcoming film is based on three sisters who have become assassins to take revenge on a rival gang, and their unscrupulous leader, Luciano who is seeking possession of a very dangerous technology that will change the future of humanity. The upcoming film will star Huizi Li, Vela-Susan Park, Skid Maher, Max Proshkin, Vahid Ellis, Tom Martone, Nick Shelton, Blue Jung, Jean Emile Utteryin and Automane M’Bengue. Directed and Filmed by Stevyn Llewellyn. Visit for updates. © 2012 Stevyn Llewellyn.