Textile Design

stevyn-llewellyn-textile-design Rose-Print-Stevyn-Llewellyn umbrella_llewellyn_textile Floral-Print-Stevyn-Llewellyn Floral-Print-2-Stevyn-Llewellyn Print_pailsey print_heartbreaker print_rococco3 Print_Floral1_best print_rococco1 Print_Floral6 Print_Floral8 print_geometric2 print_geometric Print_Floral7 Print_Floral5Black_pink print_plaid Print_Floral5 Print_Floral4Black Print_Floral3 Print_Floral_nude Print_Floral paisley_junior Print_Floral_purple Print_Lepopard print_animal2 print_animal paisley_purple paisley_black
Examples of My Textile Design work for fashion companies in NY and Clients on the West Coast.
These prints are protected by the respective clients copyright. No reproduction is permitted.


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