Atalanta and the Golden Apples

Here are a series of photographs I took over the summer of 2010, which feature the model as the Greek Huntress Atalanta. These served well independently as stills, yet were also documenting the short film which I spent the month of July working on. Here, Atalanta is luxuriating in Nature, in rapturous connection with the gilt apples of the goddess Venus.

Geisha: The Flower and Willow World




© Stevyn Llewellyn 2010

Just completed a photo essay for Modern Glossy. I researched the Geiko and Maiko while I stayed in Kyoto. Mainly taking photos in the Geisha districts of Hanamikoji-Dori and Pontocho.
Research for this article came primarily from the book, Geisha: A life by Mineko Iwasaki.
Read the article and watch my short film here.

Candice Swanepoel Photos

Photos of model Candice Swanepoel for Marc Bouwer’s newest collection for 2010.  Me and our writer were able to interview her as well as the designer, Marc. She apparently was only working on this project for fashion week. Candice is known as a face for Victoria’s Secret, among many other ad campaigns. I shot a short behind the scenes video for Modern Glossy here.

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