Candice Swanepoel Photos

Photos of model Candice Swanepoel for Marc Bouwer’s newest collection for 2010.  Me and our writer were able to interview her as well as the designer, Marc. She apparently was only working on this project for fashion week. Candice is known as a face for Victoria’s Secret, among many other ad campaigns. I shot a short behind the scenes video for Modern Glossy here.


I suppose we all must have some reason to be here- to love this city and it’s perplexing architecture. It’s rich history and desire made manifest. I feel sometimes like a phantom in it’s warm progress. How things that seem solid fall away, the buildings like skeletons who clothe the modern world in it’s earthly flesh.

The Archetypal Goddess

musesBy researching  the Goddess Isis and Venus, one can discover a common thread to the more modern object of worship, the Virgin Mary.

Venus, born from the sea-foam, the love-goddess, whose symbols are myrtle, a dove, and her metal is copper. The divinity, who emerged from the sea can be also attributed to Mary, whose name come from Mare, meaning Ocean. There is also a Santerian version of her called Yemaya, who is symbolized by the Virgin Mary. Mary, among other names, is referred to as the Star of The Sea. You can imagine her as more of a symbolic representation of a primoridal spiritual element, water.

It seems that these two goddesses are diametrically opposed, but on further investigation they can be seen as very similar. There is also an Eastern goddess called Kuan-Yin, the boddhisatva of compassion, who is essentially the Virgin Mary of the orient. Modern devotees of certain religions may fear or oppose these similarites, but if one is open to new ideas, you can perceive all of them as one, none fully realized, but elements of a greater force that we as humans cannot fully grasp.

Even in the beginning of the Bible, it says God Moved on  the face of the waters, indicating that that substance was already existent in nothingness. This could be indicative of a coupling or union with the male force being “God” joining with the female element of water. This could be a symbolic representation of sexual union which brings forth the creation of  the world.

There is an excellent reference book called 777 by Aleister Crowley, who makes comparisons to many deities over all over the world to their respective plant, animal, metal, planetary correspondences.

choose the window seat

IMG_2684I never understood why people would choose the watch television than watch out the window of an aircraft the beauty below. How civilization forms grids, and the paths of rivers like veins. Valleys like blankets of green. People like Da Vinci only dreamed of flying and would probably cry out with amazement if he were able to witness the earth from above. It’s interesting to think that flying is the result of thousands of years of thoughts and invention. Riding in this fragile metal craft like an aluminum can rocketing through the sky gives you the wings of an angel. Enables you to become like a bird. It is one the closest things to realizing a dream of humanity.

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