Painting Time Lapse
Time lapse sequences of Artist Stevyn Llewellyn making paintings. Many are available at

Sister Vengeance Short Film
A short futuristic film that takes place in New York City. This is based loosely on a few pages my recently published graphic novel Two Machines.

Synopsis: This film is based on three sisters who have become assassins to take revenge on a rival gang, and their unscrupulous leader, Luciano who is seeking possession of a very dangerous technology that will change the future of humanity. The film stars Huizi Li, Vela-Susan Park, Skid Maher, Max Proshkin, Vahid Ellis, Tom Martone, Nick Shelton, Blue Jung, Jean Emile Utteryin and Automane M’Bengue.  Directed and Filmed by Stevyn Llewellyn. 

Sister Vengeance Trailer

A trailer for my forthcoming short film, Sister Vengeance.

Dennis Basso New York Fashion Week

Backstage and Runway footage from Dennis Basso’s fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York.

Elisa Palomino Featurette

I had the privilege of meeting  fashion designer Elisa Palomino. She had previously designed for fashion houses such John Galliano, Cavalli, Dior, and Diane Von Furstenberg. After seeing her extraordinary debut collection, I was inspired to make a short film. Over the past few months, I have been compiling footage of her building the second collection after launching her own label in with Tristan Von Christann.  My approach to this short documentary was to emphasize the craft of the collection itself. This video focuses on a few key pieces of her Spring 2011 collection, and an inside look at Elisa’s design process.  See Elisa’s entire collection here.

Huntress DreamingHuntress Dreaming focuses on a sequence which illustrates the ambiguity of the unconscious mind, and in the case of Atalanta the Huntress, it prefigures a future event. This film is not intended as a retelling of the Greek Myth but utilizes these elements to create a world of archetypes. This is inspired by my interest in symbolism, ancient ritual, myth, and the mystery of the wilderness.

Nature symbolizes the primordial unconscious, idealized as an unsullied pure land, a space out of time. Atalanta represents the human interpretation of this wilderness, the logic discovered in a dream. The golden apples symbolize a tangible link to the realm of the gods, and ultimately lead to a spiritual awakening.

Tadashi ShojiMost of my film projects are dedicated to clips I put together for the fashion website, Modern Glossy. Above is one of my favorites, which features Tadashi Shoji backstage during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York.You can see all the videos I created for Modern Glossy here.

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