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Nuit The Sky Goddess

Nuit, The Sky Goddess. Prints available here.

Nuit, The Sky Goddess. Also known as Nut, the Egyptian goddess of stars.

This was inspired by my trip to Egypt in 2010 and being in awe of the enormous representations of this deity. The painting took about 6 months to complete in mid 2018 to January of 2019. The painting consists of a multitude of stars that form the body of the ancient goddess. The original painting is available for sale here — https://www.saatchiart.com/art/Painting-Nuit-The-Sky-Goddess/717162/4678735/view

A detail of the process of painting this image can be viewed below

Starlit Cliffs

mount hood paintingStarlit Cliffs, original acrylic painting. Prints available here.

The original painting ( acrylic and paper on canvas – 24 H x 29 W x 1.5 in)   is available exclusively at Saatchi Art, here.

This image was inspired while climbing Mount Hood several years ago, and is loosely based on a photo I took of the mountain. This particular painting depicts the steel cliffs, beneath shimmering starlight.

Painting Time Lapse

Time lapse sequences of Artist Stevyn Llewellyn making paintings. Many are available at https://www.saatchiart.com/art-collection/Painting/Paintings/717162/160028/view

Mount Hood and Stars

Mount Hood and Stars – print of an original acrylic painting by artist Stevyn Llewellyn for sale.


An original painting by Stevyn Llewellyn, depicting Mount Hood at night. Acrylic and gel on stretched canvas. Original size 12” x 9”. Currently on exhibition. The mountains at night are purely magical when the sky is filled with stars. This was painted while camping in the Mount Hood national forest, and completed in 2015. Prints are available for purchase here.

The original is currently showing at the Urban Retreat Salon and Spa in Washington.

Delphi’s Veil

Delphi’s Veil Painting and collage by artist Stevyn Llewellyn for sale


An original mixed media painting and collage by artist Stevyn Llewellyn. This was created with acrylics, paper, and wax. Prints available for sale now here.


Gallery quality Giclée print on natural white, matte, ultra smooth, 100% cotton rag, acid and lignin free archival paper using Epson K3 archival inks. Custom trimmed with 1″ border for framing.

Waves Painting

Waves by Stevyn Llewellyn 24″ x 48″ Acrylic on Canvas. December 2014

Another work in progress of my Sea series. This piece is 24″ x 48″ and rendered in acrylic. The approach to this painting is similar to my other one The Sea, where it created entirely with a pallete knife rather than a brush. this particular image took several reworkings and the intention was to evoke the force of the waves and the motion of the sea. The approach is to depict the spontaneous ephemeral movement of the ocean.



Waves I by Stevyn Llewellyn

Waves II by Stevyn Llewellyn

Waves III by Stevyn Llewellyn

Waves IV by stevyn Llewellyn

This summer, I worked on a series of plein-air paintings of the ocean from the coastlines of Oregon. Some I painted from life, others, I began as loose impressions and embellished them later with a pallate knife.  The process of creating these particular series of works was immensely satisfying and ultimately liberating. For these images, I really let the paint itself take command, to let the medium be what it is, rather than trying to control it. To approach this work with pallate knives limited my ability to achieve too much realism, which was an appropriate method for the ever-changing surface of the ocean.  The result was more raw, pure and energetic, which gave it a sense of immediacy and vigor, and hopefully achieved my intention of capturing the massive force of the waves.

Painting outdoors was very refreshing and I ended up taking several trips to the coast, as well as the base of mount hood to study the landscapes from life.

The 4-panels are all sold separately on society 6 as high quality prints at my online shop  here.  Alternatively, click each image above to be directed to it’s respective page.


The Sea


I’ve been working on several new paintings recently inspired by some weekend drives to the shores of Oregon. Some plein-air studies have yielded more substantial works in both size and intensity. The one above is based on a wave formation I photographed.

For this work, I limited myself to only using pallate knives as opposed to brushes. The result is a much more rough and visceral look, which has an imperfect energy to it. I want to convey the force of the water, and the medium is a good way of depicting that. Also, the act of painting itself is more spontaneous, kinetic and energizing.  Painting is this way allows me to let the paint be paint, and permit the medium to describe the scene, as opposed to attempting to replicating it exactly. This approach may lead to more in this series.