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Starry Siren

Cosmic mermaid artist Stevyn Llewellyn.

Cosmic mermaid gazing at the crescent moon by artist Stevyn Llewellyn. Rendered in smooth vector lines and hand painted watercolor, this luminous siren is timeless and beautiful, available now here.

Mermaid Art Print

Mermaid by Stevyn Llewellyn

Hand Drawn Mermaid and watercolor multimedia artwork by Artist Stevyn Llewellyn. Available exclusively at society 6 here.

This mermaid was created by scanning a watercolor painting, then delicately drawn in photoshop, smoothed out in illustrator, then adjusted the colors to get the subtle fluctuations in tonality.
Mythical sea creatures have been a constant source of inspiration for many artists throughout history, evoking a sense of fantastical escape, or the dangers of the deep.

This reflective siren is a testament to myth and beauty and the mystery of the seas.

Mermaid Twins also available as cups and rugs for your home.